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Genuine Guided Sitka, Alaska Tours

If you've shared an experience with us, please leave your testimonial below!

Alex W. 

I have fished with RJ for quite a few years and every trip is beyond amazing. You are completely taken care of from when you arrive to when you leave. The fishing is beyond incredible and RJ knows how to put you on them like no other!

Robyin R. 

Captain RJ, he is the man! What a super great fishing experience in Sitka! He knows where those fish are! We limited out every day! Imagine if you will - riding along in the boat - boat stops in what seems to me to be the middle of nowhere on the ocean - lines thrown in and bam, Fish On! Let the Salmon slaying begin! We had so much fun! If you want a great experinece book with Captain RJ! He's the nicest young man you'd ever want to meet!! He's got it goin on and having fun at the same time!!

Robert M. 

I maybe a little bias but I'm absolutely positive I know RJ better than anyone else on this planet. I think he was born with saltwater in his veins. If there is a fish out there to be caught he will find it and you will catch it. He is a top notch fisherman and great son.

Cody K. 

Been fishing with RJ he is a top notch fisherman!


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