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Genuine Guided Sitka, Alaska Tours

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Let me start by saying that I have fished with dozens of Captains for well over 40 years and I can truly say that RJ is hands down the BEST CAPTAIN I have ever had the privilege of fishing with on any trip!!! I was in Alaska celebrating my 40th wedding anniversary with my wife and my 4 married children and my 13 grandchildren plus 6 other family members. I booked this charter almost 6 months in advance of our trip with the help of RJ. If you love to fish as I do and several of my family members do your expectations can be quite high when it comes to targeting certain fish. I was blessed to be able to take my 2 sons, 2 sons-in-law, and my brother-in-law (who has fished and hunted literally all over the world) on this trip. All but one of us are very experienced fishermen. Let's just say that RJ Totally Exceeded all of our expectations in every phase of our trip. We started out like gangbusters catching our first Coho salmon in the first 5 minutes of our trip...and we all thought we would be limiting out in an hour. Then out of nowhere, we were entertained by a huge pod of Orca whales!!! It was phenomenal to see whales literally 10 feet from our boat, however, just as when dolphins show up near me when I am fishing in Florida it is beautiful to see but the fish we are targeting take off and disappear...and that is exactly what happened to us...the "catching" stopped. This was no surprise to our experienced and hard-working captain RJ!!! He told us to pull in our lines so we could move into another area. We took about a 15-minute boat ride into a completely new area and RJ got us back on fish immediately. I had told RJ when I first booked our trip that I wanted to target King Salmon and Halibut. Unlike many captains who already have your money, RJ actually listened to me and honored my request. It is much easier for a captain to simply make excuses why we can't all of a sudden catch the targeted fish on that day such as using weather or high seas or a ton of other excuses so that don't have to work hard. Making excuses is simply not in RJ's DNA!!! Instead, RJ will work extra hard to get you on fish and sees obstacles as challenges he is determined to overcome! Needless to say, we limited out on our King Salmon and Halibut and then added some Coho to our haul. RJ then got us back to our cruise ship on time and then cleaned all of our fish and arranged to have them shipped back to our home in Michigan...and they arrived in perfect condition today!!! Also, I mentioned earlier to RJ that I was bringing everyone to Alaska to celebrate my 40th wedding anniversary and RJ's wife knew this as well. So much to my surprise, RJ's wife made certain that I had a lovely bouquet of flowers to take back to my wife...this was a very touching moment for me as it reminded me that these folks really listen and care!!! I say all of this to tell you that if you are ever thinking of taking a fishing or hunting trip to Sitka, you would be missing a huge opportunity if you didn't hire RJ as your captain!!! We are already talking with each other in our family about arranging an extended hunting and fishing trip with RJ in the near future. Please don't miss out on a trip of a lifetime with RJ. He knows the waters better than anyone I have ever seen and is by far the hardest-working captain I have ever seen in action. He is kind and patient and will coach you up the whole time and he gets just as excited as you do when that prized fish is brought into the boat! I urge you to reach out to RJ as soon as you know when you are hoping to will NOT be disappointed and you will be able to create Forever Memories with your Family and Friends!

Jeff D. - Michigan

Stanley K.

Our group was on a cruise ship. All their fishing excursion were booked. My brother in law was able to find RJ & we’re glad he did. Our group of six limited out on Salmon and halibut. We also caught 2 large ling cod. One was about 4 foot long. RJ worked extremely hard for us. I highly recommend RJ

Alex W. 

I have fished with RJ for quite a few years and every trip is beyond amazing. You are completely taken care of from when you arrive to when you leave. The fishing is beyond incredible and RJ knows how to put you on them like no other!

Robyin R. 

Captain RJ, he is the man! What a super great fishing experience in Sitka! He knows where those fish are! We limited out every day! Imagine if you will - riding along in the boat - boat stops in what seems to me to be the middle of nowhere on the ocean - lines thrown in and bam, Fish On! Let the Salmon slaying begin! We had so much fun! If you want a great experinece book with Captain RJ! He's the nicest young man you'd ever want to meet!! He's got it goin on and having fun at the same time!!

Robert M. 

I maybe a little bias but I'm absolutely positive I know RJ better than anyone else on this planet. I think he was born with saltwater in his veins. If there is a fish out there to be caught he will find it and you will catch it. He is a top notch fisherman and great son.

Cody K. 

Been fishing with RJ he is a top notch fisherman!
Mount Edgecumbe in Sitka, Alaska


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