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Sitka Alaska Mount Edgecumbe

Why Should you Book with Peril Sky?

Peril Sky offers a superior fishing experience with our exclusive one-boat operation, ensuring our clients enjoy a more intimate and personalized adventure away from the crowds. Unlike larger operations, our clients don't have to compete with strangers for their morning routine or jostle with other guests upon returning to the lodge. Additionally, we provide a complimentary rental car, giving our guests the freedom to explore Sitka at their own pace without the hassle of requesting rides.

Our captain is dedicated to providing a premium fishing experience by strategically choosing fishing spots away from the congestion of other vessels. Many times, our clients will find themselves fishing in areas without another boat in sight, allowing for a truly exclusive and serene fishing experience that they deserve.

At Peril Sky, we prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of our guests, ensuring that every moment spent on the water is memorable and enjoyable. Experience the difference with Peril Sky and make your Sitka fishing adventure truly exceptional.

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